A fully digital recording studio for all of your recording projects. Boutique de Son can create film and television music, source music and complete scoring. Consultation service is available for film and/or television and period music. Doxasmusic.com can supply you with the finest studio musicians, arrangers, and vocalists for any project that you may wish to undertake.

Of the recent recordings produced at DOXAS MUSIC STUDIO let us mention:

  • Nominated for an ADISQ award in 2007 Caroline Nadeau
  • “Si Fragile”
  • Michel Héroux “Conversation”
  • Chet Doxas ” Sidewalk Etiquette” 4 star review from Downbeat magazine 2007

Consulting Services Include:

  • Custom designed period source music, Ranging from early instruments to full orchestra, big band, pop to Gregorian.

*Doxas music creates music that sounds like any style you wish drastically reducing the amount of royalties due.