A fully digital recording studio for all of your recording projects.

Boutique de Son can create film and television music, source music and complete scoring. Consultation service is available for film and/or television and period music. Doxasmusic.com can supply you with the finest studio musicians, arrangers, and vocalists for any project that you may wish to undertake.

  • A full 24 track digital, 24 bit, recording facility.
  • 32 track automated recording console (cubase 9.5).
  • Full Midi capabilities and midi sync.
  • Music stands.
  • A fine selection of instrument and vocal microphones.
  • 6 foot 2 Chang Concert Baby Grand
  • Final product mastering to Data file and archiving to wav files.
  • 5 separate recording rooms. (Excellent sight lines)
  • Complete monitor video capabilities between rooms.
  • Studio equipped with full Drum set, Pearl Export and Adam monitor speakers.
  • Client list on request.